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Results oriented marketing solutions through research, strategy and great design.

When we listen, we want to know your desires, your concerns, your goals and yes...even your fears. But most importantly we're listening for the uniqueness of your voice. As we interpret your desires we're also discovering how we can best translate your message into a language that is unmistakably yours. We help you connect emotionally with your audience, which leads to measurable results. So whether you're growing your brand, or launching a new one, we can ensure that your voice is heard. Indigo Creative was founded in 1993 by Melissa Mahoney.

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$16.5 million dollar capital campaign goal reached.


Indigo Creative worked with Ensemble Theatre Group's internal marketing staff to create all of the marketing materials for this campaign.

Divest-Invest had a table at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit.


Indigo Creative worked with their founders to build their brand, from concept through launch.

FacingLight sheds light on the challenges people have when facing health issues.


Indigo Creative the founder of FacingLight to create their logo and website.

Jackrabbit, a SaaS provider, has just passed the 4,000 customer mark.


Indigo Creative works with their internal marketing team to design and update their website.

ecoAmerica grows support for climate solutions. Indigo Creative worked with San Francisco based ecoAmerica's internal marketing team to design and print their Annual Reports.